Sunday, February 05, 2006

Street Wars Comes to LA

I came across this interesting game called Street Wars which is coming to Los Angeles in March. It's a 3 week long watergun assasination tournament. It has taken place previously in New York City, Vancouver, Vienna, and San Francisco. If you play, you or your team receives an envelope containing information about your intended target. You get your target's name, contact info, home address, and work address. It is then your mission to track down and assasinate (shoot with a water gun) your target away from their home and work place. There are cash prizes.

Sounds interesting, but not for me. I wouldn't feel comfortable stalking someone, even if it was for the game. I also wouldn't want some stranger to get so much personal information about me. I guess it could be a fun way to meet people though.

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byaspan said...

Yeah, I've heard of these things. They sound like a bad idea... a bunch of people wnadering around with things that look like guns. Weird. We played it in our college dorm, and it was fun, but that was in a closed environment, not out in the real world. What if a cop walks by and sees someone with a gun pointed at someone? I guess I'm getting old and crotchety, but it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.