Thursday, February 16, 2006

Blog Management

I am curious how people manage their blog reading. When I first started reading blogs, I would just bookmark them and occasionally visit all the bookmarked web sites to see if anything new has showed up. This quickly became too difficult as the number of blogs I was interested in grew. I wasted time visiting blog sites that have not added any new content to read.

The next solution I tried is Sage, a feed reader extension for Firefox. Sage shows up as a side panel in the browser. You can add blogs to it just by bookmarking their feed URL's (usually RSS or Atom). Then you can click on a blog entry to read the latest posts or see which posts you haven't read yet. Sage is simple and easy to use, but you have to install it on every computer you use and the status of new posts isn't maintained between them.

Finally I found Bloglines, a website that, like Sage, aggregates multiple blog feeds. The thing I like about Bloglines is that the user interface is nice and clean, you can easily see all your unread blog posts, and the state of what's new stays with you if you move from computer to computer.

If you know of any better blog aggregators, please comment.

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