Sunday, February 12, 2006

Now Collecting Statistics

I have been posting to this blog now for several months and I've assumed that it's only being read by a few friends and family members. After all, my blog posts are not about any particular subject, so this blog isn't likely to attract the attention of strangers or float to the top of a Google search.

Just to satisfy my curiosity though, I signed up for eXTReMe Tracking which lets me gather some basic statistics about the visitors to this blog. For example, it shows me what web sites referred someone, what search engine queries resulted in someone finding the blog, and also some rough geographical and technical information like what countries visitors are from and which browsers and operating systems they use. All I had to do was put a little JavaScript snippet in my blog side bar that results in an image which you can see to the right of this post - it is a small square with a globe in it. If you click on the globe, you, too can see my stats. They are public.

Now I'll sit back and see if I'm any more popular than I expect (and deserve) to be...

Oh, by the way, if you know of any better free web stats trackers, please comment and let me know about them.

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Ken Weiner said...

I've since been experimenting with other stats counters, namely WebStats4U and I think I may end up removing eXTReMe Tracking altogether and going with one of those others because they have better looking reports.