Sunday, March 26, 2006

UCLA vs Memphis at the City

We watched the UCLA game at a bar called The City in downtown Portland. They had big TV screens all over the place, so it was a great place to watch it. I thought that the crowd would be cheering for Memphis since Portland people are known for not thinking too highly of California, especially southern California. Instead, there were a few rooting for UCLA, with most people not rooting at all. That's probably because the game was downright ugly. Both teams sucked on offense. I could not believe how many baskets each team missed. You can find the game stats here. The final score of 50 to 45 was the lowest scoring NCAA regional final game since they introduced the shot clock in 1986!

After the game we hung out at Powell's Books, one of my all-time favorite book stores. Then we came home, relaxed and went out for some late night Ethiopian food at Jarra's in the Hawthorne District.


byaspan said...

I love Powells too.. especially the rare book room. Portland as a whole is an awesome city. I think you can tell a lot about a city from the quality of their bookstores. Portland excels in that department. Did you try Chinese food in the Chinatown they have there? So yummy... Is your brother moving to Portland?

Ken Weiner said...

No, we didn't get a chance to try the Chinese food in Chinatown. And no, my brother is not moving there, but my brother in law lives there now.