Monday, March 13, 2006

New Adventures of Old Christine

We watched the series premier of The New Adventures of Old Chistine tonight. CBS describes the new show:
Emmy Award winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus ("Seinfeld") stars in THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE, a comedy about a single mother and owner of a "30-minute workout gym" who is the portrait of the new American mom, albeit with some unflinchingly candid points of view. For her, every day is an adventure, but life is made easier due to the fantastic relationship she shares with her ex-husband. However, everything changes when her ex's new, younger girlfriend enters the picture, instantly complicating her life.
The setting of the show is Los Angeles, and it is particularly funny to me when they mention specific places like the Ralph's on Pico or the Whole Foods on Fairfax. And best of all, Louis-Dryfus's character lives in Mar Vista! That's adjacent to my neighborhood, Del Rey. I don't think I've ever heard the area Mar Vista mentioned in a TV show until now. I hope there are some scenes that highlight real places in Mar Vista, Del Rey, or Culver City like B&B Hardware or The Outdoor Grill. I thought it was pretty funny show. I'll probably watch it again.

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byaspan said...

That's funny... I like it when songs or shows mention Nashville. It's fun to hear about places you frequent or know. We have been watching 24 this season. We've never watched it before. It is sooo intense. Really good, although sometimes overdone (there was one scene Monday night that was a bit over the top)