Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bus Stops on Santa Monica and Bundy

Everyday, I take the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus #14 north on Centinela Ave and Bundy Dr. and transfer to a bus going west on Santa Monica Blvd. The #14 bus lets off its passangers on the northeast corner and until this last Sunday, I could pick up Big Blue Bus #1 on the northeast corner or, since I have an EZ Transit Pass, I could also take either the MTA 4 or 304 which picks up on the northwest corner. Since Bundy Dr. is pretty wide, it was a pain to look out for which bus was coming first and then run to the appropriate corner in time to catch it. I complained about this at one of the recent Big Blue Bus community meetings. I asked if they could arrange it so that both bus lines pick up on the same corner so that riders don't have to bother trying to stand at the right one to catch the next bus. This might not sound like such a hassle, but believe me, if you tried it you would understand.

I don't know if they listened to me or not, but on Monday I learned that they made the change! Now the Big Blue Bus #1, MTA #3, and MTA #304 all stop on the northeast corner. It is so much easier to catch the next bus down Santa Monica Blvd. Life is good - bus life that is. Thank you Big Blue Bus!

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Ken Weiner said...

I found out that it was my suggestion at a community meeting that got them to combine the MTA and Big Blue Bus stops. See the last few sentences of this news item.