Friday, March 17, 2006

Hotcakes Bakes Opens

On my way to the bus stop each weekday morning last year, I was able to grab coffee and a muffin at the Westside Village Bakery on the west side of Centinela Ave just south of Washington Blvd. I was really bummed when I found out that it closed in late December of last year. It stayed empty for a while and finally, about a week ago, another bakery opened up in its place.

The new bakery is called Hotcakes Bakes and serves French and American food. It is owned and operated by two young women: one named Katrina that lives nearby, and the other a chef from Paris whose name escapes me. Both of them are very nice and seem excited about their new business. I am excited too because I have a place to get coffee and a small breakfast again on the way to work. So far, I've been ordering croissants or brioches.

Hotcakes Bakes is a little pricier than Westside Village Bakery when it comes to getting coffee and a light breakfast. Westside Village Bakery had what they called a commuter special where you get a large coffee and a muffin for $2.00. To get coffee and a brioche at Hotcakes Bakes, I have to fork out up to $5.00. It is a little cheaper for a croissant. Having to pay 150% more compared to Westside's commuter special, will probably make me go there less often than I used to. I hope that they come up with some kind of special like Westside Village Bakery had and that they add something a little healthier to eat than croissants and brioches.

I wish Hotcakes Bakes the best of luck. I'm going to try to promote them within my neighborhood in hopes of helping them stay in business.

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