Saturday, March 18, 2006

UCLA vs Alabama in a Westwood Bar

We went to Westwood this evening to watch UCLA (2) vs. Alabama (10) in the 2nd round of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. We thought it would be fun to watch in a bar with other UCLA students, so we went to the Westwood Brewing Company.

It wasn't nearly as crowded at I thought it would be and they had a lot of TV's, but none of them as big as I would have wanted. There were a few tables of students and a few of alumni. Despite the small number of people, it was still fun to cheer along with the other Bruin fans.

The game was a nail-biter as UCLA maintained a small 2-6 point lead almost the entire game. This page from depicts this well. The game was tied at the half and Alabama got within 2 many times in the 2nd half. The game came down to the last minute when Alabama missed a 3 that would have won them the game. The final score was 62-59. I was happy to see the Bruins make the Sweet 16 where they'll face Gonzaga next week in Oakland, CA.

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