Thursday, May 11, 2006

Walk for the Underdog

Last Sunday we took our dog Nikki and my inlaws' dog Molly on a walk to raise money for animal rescue organizations. It was called Walk for the Underdog. It was the 2nd annual event and this year it was held at the La Brea Tar Pits (last year it was at Venice Beach). The walk started and ended at the tar pits and meandered through the nearby neighborhoods.

There were hundreds of dogs and Nikki seemed excited to be there. Nikki and Molly made it the whole way, but were pretty exhausted by the end. When we got home, she dropped to the floor and took a long nap.

There were plenty of dog-related vendors at the event. One of them called Tazlab, sold me an innovative dog leash that had a snap-together loop at the end which makes it possible to attach the leash to my waist or a pole. I thought this would be really useful for when we walk Nikki to a shopping area and need to go into a store for a few minutes. It would be really easy to attach her leash to a poll or post. It would also be nice for when we want to hang out on our front porch with Nikki. We could attach her to one of the porch posts.

I never realized how nice the neighborhoods were in the Miracle Mile/Carthay Circle area. Almost every house was architecturally interesting and had good landscaping.

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