Saturday, May 27, 2006

Angelyne Sighting

On our way back from seeing The Invasion of The Body Snatchers at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (part of Cinespia), we were driving west on Santa Monica Blvd and while we were passing the Troubadour, we saw a pink corvette driving to the right of us with a license plate that read ANGLYNE. Jill said, "hey, that's the Angelyne, the one from the billboards. To get a glimpse of her, I slowed down a little so I'd be right next to her, and we looked through her window. She had the sun shade folded back to the left so that people couldn't see her whole face, but it was definitely a blonde woman. Curious to see where she was going, I got behind her and we followed her as far as Wilshire where she made a right turn and we kept straight.

When I got home, I went to the web and searched for "Angelyne pink corvette" to see if that was really her. Sure enough, a few web sites turned up, one which is specifically about the act of spotting Angelyne driving in LA called The Angelyne Sightings Report.

As we passed under the 405 overpass, things got even more interesting. A young woman that was waiting in the left lane to get on the freeway opened her sunroof, stood up in her car facing the car behind her with her body sticking through the sunroof, and then, wham, she lifted her top off, flashing the cars behind her! This was the first car flashing I've ever seen. Very entertaining.

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gbdarren said...

Body Snatchers, Angelyne and flahed boobs. What a night.