Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sony Reader Rocks

Recently, I downloaded an early access copy of a technical book which was only available in eBook form. Bascially it is just a PDF file. I love the fact you can easily search an eBook for specific words or phrases, but I have a really hard time reading one on a desktop or laptop screen. When reading a book, I prefer to be relaxed on the couch or sitting on a bus. I starting thinking that I should look and see if there are any portable eBook readers available that are small, light, bigger than a Palm Pilot and smaller than a computer monitor.

Last weekend at the Los Angeles Times Book Fair at UCLA, I came across a Sony booth where they were demonstrating the yet-to-be-released Sony Reader. It was exactly what I have been looking for! The screen looked amazingly like real paper. It was small and light and totally legible in bright sunlight. It is supposed to cost $300-400 when it comes out. I was ready to buy one right then and there. Unfortunately I'll have to wait until they release it.

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gbdarren said...

I read about a technology where they were going to use flat pieces of metal (or something else), one side is white , one side is black. Each piece is magnetized so that they can use micro-magnets to flip each piece separately. Effectively creating dynamic "paper." I wonder if this uses that idea.