Saturday, January 12, 2008

Space Pen

The Chrome Bullet Space Pen I ordered from Amazon finally arrived today. I learned about Space Pens from my brother who asked for one for Xmas. Space Pens write:
  • In extreme freezing and boiling temperatures of -50° to +400° F.
  • Underwater
  • Upside down and at any angle
  • Twice as long as other roller ball pens
  • On shiny surfaces such as photographs
The pen was originally developed for NASA astronauts. The refill chamber is filled with ink pressurized to 45 psi with Nitrogen and having the consistency of chewing gum. The physical ball used on the point is made to tolerances of 3 millionths of an inch. The R&D costs of this pen were over $1 million in the 1950s!

One thing I really like is that the pen is only about 3 inches long with its cap on so it fits easily in my front pocket. With my latest attempts to stay organized Hipster PDA-style, I always need to carry a pen with me. The Space Pen is a good fit for this.

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