Friday, January 18, 2008

Presedential Candidates on Public Transit

Have you wondered:
To what extent does transportation factor into the political discourse of the 2008 U.S. presidential candidates?
This blog post from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign looks into the answer to that question:

Presidential Views (or not) on Public Transportation

Not surprisingly, the top 3 for public transit as mentioned in the blog post are all Democrats. There is probably more support from the Green Party candidates, but unfortunately the article doesn't mention them. I decided to compile a list of Green party candidate views on transit myself. Listed here are the current Green candidates for 2008.
I just read through their campaign pages (except for Jesse Johnson who doesn't appear to have one), and I must say...they are pathetic! I have never seen such crappy web pages before. I spent a few minutes on each site and I couldn't even find a single mention of public transit. Maybe that's why the article above doesn't mention any Greens. Very sad.

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