Monday, March 26, 2007

Win on Blingo

Just a few minutes ago, I won a free movie ticket on Blingo, a Google-powered search engine that gives away prizes to people who use their site to search the web. I signed up for this site a few years ago, and when it was new, it was pretty easy to win.

When someone wins, the person who originally referred them to Blingo wins the same prize. Between April 2005 and 2006, I won 6 times - 4 of the 6 resulting from when someone I referred won. All 6 times, the prize has been a free movie ticket. I have never won an iPod or something more valuable.

Until just now - my 7th win, I hadn't won anything for over a year. I was beginning to think that Blingo had made the odds of winning so tough that I was never going to win again. I guess I was wrong. I will continue to use Blingo since the search results are exactly the same as Google and there is that slight chance of winning something.

Do me a favor: If you decide to sign up for Blingo, please use this link which has a code in it so I will win when you win!

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