Sunday, March 18, 2007

Washington/Centinela Redevelopment Part 6

A few weeks ago, I saw some people pouring cement in the middle of the lot. I thought that maybe they were finally going to start constructing whatever is going to be built at the corner of Washington and Centinela. The new cement rectangle sat there for a few days and then, to my disappointment, on top of the cement they placed some ugly machinery that was hooked up to a bunch of tubes leading to holes in the ground. Around the cement rectangle, they placed a chain link fence.

I suppose this is all to either measure the levels of chemicals in the ground or to actually clean up whatever is in the ground. I hope this phase doesn't last long since it is ugly and I'm anxious to see what is going to be built on this corner. This neighborhood could really use a nice restaurant, cafe, gym, or bar.

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gbdarren said...

I went tot he Culver City website and found some contact information about this project. Maybe you could give them a call?

Redevelopment Agency
Joe Susca or Jerry Ichien
(310) 253-5760

The Olson Company (Developer)
Ben Besley
(562) 596-4770

Project website: