Monday, January 22, 2007

Walking L.A. #3 - Southeast Santa Monica

No one else joined us this time, but we still began at the Rumor Mill for coffee and bagels before the walk. I didn't expect many people to come because this walk was in an area most of my friends are familiar with. If fact, this walk passes through the building that I work in!

We parked on the diagonal part of 26th St. between Cloverfield Blvd. and Olympic Blvd. The walk started out near all the art galleries at Bergamot Station. Unfortunately all the galleries were closed as it was a Sunday.

The rest of the walk basically took us through the Water Garden and the Yahoo Center (formally called the Colorado Center), and then down to 20th and back.

We passed 2112 Broadway which is the home of Playboy Studio West. I have passed it many times before, and have never seen a single person come in our out of that place.

The book described this area as having colossal office parks, teeming with high-powered executives in button-down shirts and ties. I guess there is some of that, but for the most part, the workforce in that area is largely business casual.

While in the Water Garden, I found a geocache of the same name: Water Garden (GCXF6B). It was one of the easiest I've ever found. Anyone passing by can see it. These walks are a good opportunity to go geocaching. I have to remember to seeks some out on the remaining walks.

The next walk is Venice Beach.

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