Thursday, January 11, 2007

Porn Industry Chooses HD DVD

I was really hoping that Blu-Ray would win the battle to become the high-def technology of choice, but there is some early speculation that HD DVD will beat it out according to this article: HD DVD versus Blu-ray - The porn industry says HD DVD.

It is pretty safe to say that whatever the porn industry chooses will be the winner - just like with VHS over betamax. The main reasons I was rooting for Blu-Ray:
  1. It wasn't backed by Microsoft like HD DVD
  2. Widespread Blu-Ray technology means more jobs for Java programmers (see my previous blog post).


Anonymous said...

why would you care if Microsoft backed BluRay? And im pretty sure if HD fails, Microsoft will release a bluray add on.

Ken Weiner said...

I'd love it if Microsoft backed Blueray. I want to see Blueray win since it would mean more opportunities for java developers which is good for me.