Sunday, January 14, 2007

Walking L.A. #2 - Northwest Santa Monica

We met up again at the Rumor Mill for coffee and bagels. A different group showed up this time. There were 9 of us total including two babies.

We carpooled to the start point at Ocean Ave and Adelaide Drive. The first part of the walk took us by the well-known steep staircases that lead from Adelaide down to Rustic Canyon. We descended the one near 4th Street and ascended the other near 7th Street. It was the first time there for everyone in our group except for one who was taken their by her personal trainer a few years ago. Being another beautiful day in January, the staircases were filled with exercising addicts on their quest for buns of steel as our book put it.

The rest of the walk was pretty uneventful as it just made its way through the residential neighborhood south to Montana Ave, and then circled back to the starting point via Montana Ave and then Ocean Ave. It might have been more impressive if it was our first time there, but I've been to the shops on Montana and the path at Palisades Park many times before.

The walk ended by passing by a striking white structure overlooking the ocean at 101 Ocean Ave., again the book's words. None us could figure out what it was. It seemed like either an exclusive residential complex or a fancy hotel.

After the walk, 3 of us headed back near the Rumor Mill to have lunch at Bharat Bazaar. We were hungry enough to get samosas in addition to our combination plate.

The next walk is in Southeast Santa Monica.

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