Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Comparing Endorsements

Every time there is an election with many local government offices, issues and propositions to vote for, I often turn to endorsements from various organizations to help me figure out how I want to vote. Usually I collect endorsements from organizations I tend to side with (such as the Green Party, the Sierra Club, and the LA Times), as well as ones I don't (such as AAA, the Republican Party, and the AAGLA). I have even gone so far as to put them in a spreadsheet so it is easy to compare their positions on all the issues. I wish there was some web site that would make this easy. If all these organizations uploaded their stance on each issue to such a web site, it would be such a great resource for the public.

A friend of mine just pointed me to a new organization I can add to my collection: the Young Progressive Majority which is committed to increasing the vote for local progressive candidates and issues in Southern California. It targets 20 and 30 somethings. They have a handy voter guide [PDF] for the upcoming November 7 midterm election.

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