Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Zunafish Trading

A friend recently told me about the web site Zunafish which makes it easy to trade old books, CD's and other forms of media with other people. I signed up and listed a few old computer books and then entered a few books that I wanted. About 15 minutes later, I got an email saying that someone wanted to trade with me. They were willing to send me their copy of Learning the vi Editor for my copy of Enterprise Javabeans. To complete the transaction, I had to pay Zunafish a $1 commission and now I just have to ship my book to the person I'm trading with. The whole thing is kind of neat. I have been trying to sell that EJB book on Amazon for years. I have so many old books laying around that I'd love to get rid of so when I get some more time, I'm going to enter them into Zunafish.


byaspan said...

I signed up for the Zunafish after reading your blog. It worked! Someone wnated an old videogame of mine, but by the time I got the the Zunafish site, the request was gone. Foiled again! (or for the first time...)

I random news, someone bought a Clyde's Ride CD from Amazon today. It's nice to know that there are still people out there who listen to it.

gbdarren said...

Hey Yaspan. I still like to Ride with Clyde now and then. Good times.