Saturday, April 15, 2006

Thank You for Smoking

We saw the movie Thank You for Smoking last night at the Bridge. I thought it was a good movie - one that feels refreshingly out of the ordinary. The movie was described as a satire about the tobacco industry and I was wondering before I went whether or not the movie would carry an anti-smoking or pro-smoking message. Now having seen it, my opinion is that the message was definitely anti-smoking. However, my wife didn't think it leaned one way or the other. If you've seen the movie, please comment on what you thought.

The weakest part of the movie for me was Katie Holmes cast as Heather Holloway, a blood-sucking reporter that sleeps with the main character in order to squeeze secret information out of him. Her character was described by some other characters as extremely attractive and with "big tits". I felt that Katie Holmes was too young and Dawson's Creekish, and although she is attractive, she didn't match the "big tits" description.

Katie (Dawson's Creek) is cursed with the same problem as Neve Campbell (Party of Five) and Jennifer Aniston (Friends). All of them were great in the TV show that made them famous, but in movies they don't have the ability to act well enough to make you see past their former TV show characters.

One final thought on Thank You for Smoking: As I was leaving the theater I realized that there wasn't a single scene in the movie where a person was smoking. My wife said that she read somewhere that it was intentional. I thought that was interesting.


byaspan said...

I would like to see this movie too. I think it is playing here in Nashville, but I'm not sure. I will have to see it now to see if Katie is or is not deserving of the "big tits" moniker you described.

Ken Weiner said...

Jill says that they said "great tits" as opposed to "big tits". She argues that I must equate "great" to "big" when it comes to tits.

byaspan said...

So "big" = "great"?

gbdarren said...

I never even knew that big and great were different words!