Sunday, May 25, 2008

Walking L.A. #16 - Miracle Mile

Our friend Kevin joined us for this walk which meandered through the Miracle Mile district where he works at E! Networks.

The walk began at Hancock Park (a real park, not the wealthy LA neighborhood of the same name). This park is home to the infamous La Brea Tar Pits and the adjacent LA Country Museum of Art. We paused briefly by the tar pits to see if we could get the smell to trigger our memory of childhood playground asphalt on a hot day, something our book mentioned we might experience. It didn't work at first, but as we walked away from the tar pits, a gentle breeze indeed carried the scent we were waiting for. We skipped the Page Museum which is dedicated the ancient history of the area since we'd all been there at some point in our lives.

Next we passed by a new part of LACMA called BCAM which stands for Broad Contemporary Art Museum. In front of BCAM was a giant red toy firetruck and closer to Wilshire was a display of lamp posts. We paused here to take some pictures.

We stopped for lunch at Farmers Market on 3rd and Fairfax. I had fried catfish and jambalaya at one of my favorite eateries, The Gumbo Pot. My friend Kevin grabbed a savory crepe from the French Crepe Company. After lunch we walked quickly through The Grove, one of those generic, outdoor, fake-urban, Disneylandesque shopping malls that everyone but me seems to love.

We left The Grove to walk through a nice neighborhood called Miracle Mile North, one of the district's several HPOZ's. Very nice homes in a very central location. Wish we could afford to live there. We finished up the walk passing through the Park La Brea high-rises. It was the first time I had walked through Park La Brea, and I wasn't impressed, although it seems that many people like it.

The next walk is Carthay Circle and South Carthay.

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