Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cloud Studio Released

Cloud Services just launched Cloud Studio which is a java-based desktop application for managing images and instances in Amazon's EC2. I've yet to try it, but from the screenshots, it looks really nice. I'm not sure, though, if it does anything more than the very capable Elasticfox which runs right in your Firefox browser. Cloud Studio is also available as an Eclipse plugin which is really convenient for Java developers and users of the popular open source IDE.

GUI's like Elasticfox and Cloud Studio make working with Amazon EC2 really easy. Now I wish someone would create similar management tools for Amazon's SQS and SimpleDB. I'd like to be able to list, see stats for, and manage my SQS queues and SimpleDB domains, items, and attributes without having to run command line scripts. Hint, hint, Cloud Services!


Anonymous said...

Thank your for your comment. At the moment Cloud Studio does almost the same as Elasticfox.

Things like S3, SQS, SimpleDB and a lot more will come soon. Cloud Studio as it is now is a first beta and our first try.

Stay tuned.

Regards from Cloud Services

Ken Weiner said...

I just downloaded Cloud Studio on my Ubuntu machine and noticed that it only comes with a studio.exe file. I find it strange that there is no script to start it on a Linux operating system since the program is java-based. Is the Eclipse plugin really the only way to run it on Linux?