Thursday, October 11, 2007

Infant Inventions

Last week, my first kid was born. As my wife and I have been learning how to care for a newborn, I couldn't help but wish the following solutions existed to make the job easier. Maybe someone has already made these products. If not, there's gotta be a market for them out there. Let me know if you have other solutions.
  • Diaper Window
A little see-through plastic section on the bottom of the diaper so we can easily look and see if there is any poop deposited without having to take the diaper off or stick a finger in. Checking a diaper always irritates my baby, and we end up checking many times a day - whenever the baby is crying.
  • Changing Table Stirrups
My baby always cries and wriggles around while we change his diaper. It is really hard to keep his legs up and spread apart so we can clean his bottom and scrotum without getting his feet or changing table dirty. If we could only insert his feet into stirrups during his changing, it would be so much easier.
  • Pee Catcher
Baby boys are known to spray their pee straight up in the middle of a diaper change. Pee gets everywhere: on the floor, on the wall, on your hands, on the new diaper, and on his clothes. I know there are some pee guards you can buy and some books recommend putting a wipe or diaper over the penis until the new diaper is on. These might prevent pee from getting on the walls and floor, but not necessarily from getting all over the changing table and the baby's clothes. There needs to be a Pee Catcher that wraps around the baby's penis and collects the urine into a plastic bag.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,
Based on you "infant inventions" post you might enjoy reading some of the great solutions they come up with on

Ken Weiner said...

Hey Kahuku, thanks for the tip. I'll checkout - it looks interesting.

Ken Weiner said...

I just ran across a patent for something to catch the pee during a diaper change:
Penis Cap Patent