Friday, November 17, 2006

Washington/Centinela Redevelopment Part 3

Recently, there has been some more visible progress on the construction at the corner of Washington and Centinela.

There haven't been any changes to the northeast corner lot. It is still an empty dirt lot with a fence around it. On the northwest corner, however, the old buildings have been demolished within the past 2 days.

Pictured here are some construction workers tearing down the facade on the northwest corner. This morning, they started to put some spikes in the ground at regular intervals. I don't know what they are for yet, but I wonder if that means that they will construct buildings on the northwest corner first even though the northeast corner has been torn down for quite some time. I am getting anxious for something to happen on that corner.


Dan said...

I live down the street from the development (Colonial Ave and Washington Place). I watched them tear down the remainder of that awful building as I was on my way back from a run a few weeks ago. Anyway, today, I noticed that they have strung lights across the empty lot. Wondering... are they going to sell christmas trees there now?

Ken Weiner said...

Hi Dan. I also live down the street, south of Washington Blvd. I recently saw the lights too. I think you're right - they're going to sell Christmas trees there.