Thursday, January 19, 2006

First Geocache Hide

I am proud to say that I have successfully hidden my first Geocache, the Del Rey Cache. I hid it in a small community garden in the southeast part of Del Rey which is the little-known name of the neighborhood in which I live.

The cache got activated on January 17 even though I submitted it to over a week before that. You see, the administrator of told me that my cache was located only 60 feet from another geocache, and their policy is not to activate caches so close together so that things don't get too confusing for people searching for caches. I had no idea there was another cache in the same garden. I thought I had found a perfect place to hide it that no one knew about. I guess I was wrong. I noticed that the other cache, Small Garden Cache, had recently received complaints that the cache was no longer there, so I emailed the administrator and asked if he could archive the Small Garden Cache and unarchive mine. He said he'd ask the Small Garden Cache owner if he planned to replace his missing cache, and give the owner a week to reply. No one replied within a week, so the administrator agreed to archive his and unarchive mine!

Since then, a few people have found my cache. I really enjoy getting the notification emails with the comments from people that found it. I have to think of another hiding place for my 2nd...


byaspan said...

What is a geocache?

Ken Weiner said...

It is described well on Wikipedia: