Friday, November 18, 2005

Uses for AIM Bots

A friend of mine at work just wrote an AIM Bot which is a fake AOL Instant Messenger user that you can talk to, using it to save bookmarks for you or share bookmarks with others publically. To use it, add the AIM user FartyMcBookmarky to your IM list and use the following syntax to send messages to it:


\public http://bookmark.url/ (save a public bookmark)
\private http://bookmark.url/ (save a private bookmark)
\bookmarks private (view private bookmarks)
\bookmarks public (view public bookmarks)

This AIM Bot is essentially a Perl program running on his home computer that has signed into AIM as the user FartyMcBookmarky. When you send FartyMcBookmarky a message it gets processed by the Perl program.

It makes me wonder what programs would be better implemented as AIM Bots rather than web applications. Maybe the command line tool Pizza Party would be a good AIM Bot.

1 comment:

byaspan said...

That's a great name... Farty... They just put some bots on my AIM. I didn't really ask for them the just showed up. Maybe I'll talk to them sometime. I wonder what they'll say to me.

byaspan: "Hi Bot"
Bot: "Hi byaspan. You would like to see the new expensive sponsored movie would you? I can get you tickets. What is your mastercard number?"

I like Farty better.