Sunday, September 28, 2008

MacBook to HDTV via Mini DVI to DVI to HDMI

Since the MacBook is so good at playing different kinds of media, I plan to make it the media center of my life. I will store all music, videos, and photos there.

This led me to try to connect my MacBook to my Sharp Aquos LC46D64U 46-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV. I did some research and found that there was only one option if I wanted to have digital picture quality. I needed 2 cables because there is no such thing yet as a Mini DVI to HDMI cable:
  1. Mini DVI to DVI Adapter ($19.95)
  2. DVI to HDMI Cable ($19.95)
I picked these up, connected the Mini DVI end of the first cable to my MacBook, connected the DVI end of the second cable to the first cable, and finally the HDMI end of the second cable to an open HDMI slot in my TV. Then I switched the TV's input to the HDMI port I just plugged into, and voila! - it worked immediately! The 1920 by 1080 picture looked great.

The MacBook lets you choose between having 2 monitors and mirroring the same monitor. The settings are all under System Preferences > Displays.

Now, I can show photo slide shows when the family is over, I can watch video podcasts and YouTube videos on the big screen, and I can even enjoy the Twitter election feed from my couch.

Next I will look for the best way to get the sound from my MacBook hooked up to my Denon receiver.


Unknown said...

A direct cable does exist to connect from mini dvi to female hdmi. Then just attach an hdmi cable from the adapter to your hdtv. I just ordered one but have not had an opportunity to try it yet. I will provide follow up if anyone shows any interest in my post. I'll check back. I ordered mine off ebay from this supplier. Not sure why they sell it on their website for $1 cheaper.

Anonymous said...

Ken, Thanks for the post. I've just entered the market to hook my Macbook up to my HDTV as well, and the cables you've listed look like the best option! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

for audio, go the optical route. just need a little adapter like this:


Anonymous said...

and nice HDMI cables , you can
see here for more type cables

Anonymous said...

i ordered mine from mini dvi to hdmi.

Amazing price only £7.99 inc delivery