Sunday, June 08, 2008

Walking L.A. #18 - High Tower and the Hollywood Bowl

Before the walk, we stopped for breakfast at the Mar Vista Farmers Market getting omelettes and French toast from Cafe Laurent. Two good friends who were visiting from San Francisco joined us today.

The first part of the walk was interesting. We walked through the Hollywood Heights neighborhood which is just south of the Hollywood Bowl. At the center of this hillside neighborhood stood a tall elevator tower known as High Tower. The tower is closed to everyone except residents with a key, so we had to climb many cement staircases to get to the top. This was a challenge considering we had our baby and stroller with us. Luckily my friends took turns helping me out. One of the things I liked the most about this neighborhood was that many of the homes were accessible only by footpath. This gave it a quiet, neighborly feel similar to places I've seen in Europe.

The next part of the walk took us to the famous Hollywood Bowl. There were no shows going on and the bowl was open for people to just walk in and check it out. We walked to the boxed seat area, took a seat in one of the boxes, and dreamt about how nice it would be to attend a concert or show in one of the boxes eating cheese and sipping wine.

The next walk is Whitley Heights and Hollywood Boulevard.

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