Sunday, March 16, 2008

Walking L.A. #13 - Laurel Canyon

This was one of the shortest walks in the book which was too bad because it was such a nice day in such a nice location nestled in the canyon.

The walk began and ended right in front of Jim Morrison's former residence at 8021 Rothdell Tr. This was apparently the "Love Street" in the song "Love Street" and the "store where the creatures meet" was the Canyon Country Store across the street.

The walk started up the Prospect Trail steps. At the top was a nice view of LA. It then continued through the brush behind the houses until a landmark Century Plant at which point it descended down more steps known as the Tavern Trail back to the starting point. It was challenging to carry a baby on this walk as the steps were steep and the trail was often passing through thick brush and sometimes cactus.

After a quick bagel at the "store where the creatures meet", we took the opportunity to drive up to one of my favorite lookout points in LA which sits at the end of a private road near the top of Wonderland Ave. It was a breathtaking view on a sunny day with clear skies. We could see downtown LA, the Santa Monica bay, Catalina Island, and even Long Beach all at the same time.

The next walk is Sunset Strip.

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