Wednesday, December 26, 2007

We Read Reaches 200 Users

As of today, We Read has 201 users that have added at least one book. There are also 1301 books among those 201 users. The app hasn't exactly gone viral as I had hoped it would, but I'm proud to have accumulated 201 users nonetheless.

Most of the users have arrived organically, but I did experiment with advertising at one point using the Social Media Facebook ad platform. It ended up costing me about $.70 per new user, and I thought that was too much to spend considering the fact that I haven't really made any money from Amazon affiliate commissions yet.

One cool thing is that I seem to have many loyal, repeat users. I see a lot of the same people adding and managing their books from week to week. I also have users from all around the world including Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Even if the app fails to expand exponentially, I still enjoy maintaining it and reading the positive things that users say like this message from someone named Anthony:
...Ken, it's an excellent app. The most useful I've found yet, well done.

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