Sunday, September 23, 2007

Quicken Online Beta

There have been some articles talking about the advent of Intuit's new Quicken Online product. It is supposed to be available this winter with beta testing beginning this month.

I have been using Quicken religiously for over 10 years. I track everything - even the cash that goes in and out of my wallet. The last few years, I have been using Linux, and Intuit does not make a version of Quicken for Linux. Therefore, I've had to keep a Windows laptop around just for the purpose of running Quicken. With Quicken Online, I should be able to dump Windows forever!

Just now I did a Google search for Quicken Online Beta, and found out that they have already begun the beta testing. You can sign up to be a beta tester or to get notified when Quicken Online is available. I signed up for both and am anxiously awaiting an email telling me I can login.


Unknown said...

I'm a Mac user and only keep a windows machine around for Quicken. Did you ever become a beta tester? I'm interested in seeing if this version of Quicken will be a real substitute for the PC version.

Ken Weiner said...

No, Don, I'm still not a beta tester. I haven't heard anything from Quicken yet regarding this. I am also interested in seeing if the online version can really compare to teh desktop version. I hope so!

Anonymous said...

The previous comment did not leave a date, only a timestamp. Have you heard anything from Intuit in the past two months?


Ken Weiner said...

I have not heard a single thing from Intuit on this yet (today is 11/28/2007).

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