Sunday, July 01, 2007

Hot Chocolate in Mar Vista

Last night we had dinner with some friends at La Dijonaise in Culver City. Afterward, around 10:15 PM, we felt like going somewhere for some hot chocolate.

We first tried to go to Starbucks (which our friends call "Corporate Coffee") on National and Barrington since it was close to where they live. To our disappointment, it was closed. Next, we headed to the Venice Grind on Venice Blvd. It too was closed. Finally, we drove to the Rumor Mill on Washington Blvd. Again, closed! We gave up. No hot chocolate for us.

How can all these coffee shops be closed at 10:15 PM on a Saturday night? It was so pathetic. Mar Vista, and most of the Westside for that matter, needs to stop pretending it is a suburb and keep places open later, especially on a Saturday night.

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yvette roman davis said...

Hi Ken!

Came across your blog today - I live in Mar Vista and have set up an urban garden there (check out my blog:

If you'd like to come and see it, let me know!