Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Compost Pail Gift

Yesterday I received a belated birthday gift from my parents-in-law. It was something I've been wanting for over a year: a kitchen compost pail, some odor-blocking filters, and 100 biodegradable compost pail lining bags.

This new pail will replace a small ceramic jar we've been using that tends to get pretty gross if you don't wash it all the time. The new pail has holes in the top to let air in, and a slot to place filters in to make sure no odor gets out. It's also bigger which means I won't have to empty it as often. The new bags are made out of cornstarch and are really cool. I will no longer have to carry the whole pail out to the compost bin. When the pail fills up, all I have to do is take the filled bag out and throw the whole thing in the compost bin.

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