Thursday, December 15, 2005

ApacheCon US 2005

Earlier this week I attended ApacheCon US 2005 in San Diego. There were two days of presentations on various open source Apache projects. It was cool to see, and in come cases meet, the core developers of these projects, especially the projects I have contributed to such as MyFaces. It helps a lot to put faces to email addresses.

One treat I got at the conference was the chance to try riding a Segway for the first time. The company LogicBlaze sponsored Segway training and tours for conference attendees as a way to market their services. A group of us got to take the Segways for a 2 mile ride along the San Diego Bay! We also got to take it "off roading" on a large patch of grass. I pushed its limits a little bit by rocking back and forth and ended up flipping over the handlebars! Luckily I had a helmet on and didn't get hurt. It was a lot of fun, but I can't see ever buying a Segway which costs around $5000.

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